Trade In Sugar and Caffeine for Antioxidants and Vitamins

People these days have hectic schedules that keep them going from morning to night, regardless of their occupation. People with full-time jobs have commutes, meetings, bosses and coworkers to deal with, and clients or customers to serve. Those who work part-time have all of the above, albeit for less hours. They may also be students, so they have assignments to complete and exams to pass. Stay-at-home Moms or Dads have cooking, cleaning, laundry, kids, and trips to the doctor, the dentist, dance classes, and soccer practice. They have demands on their time, stress, probably financial concerns, and people counting them.

Mornings usually begin with a pot of coffee and a quick breakfast of toast, or worse, a trip through the nearest fast food chain for an extra-large coffee and a Danish or something processed placed on a bun. Caffeine and sugar to start the day because sleep was fleeting at best. Mid-morning brings a crash of sorts, so it is more coffee, or soda, and maybe a doughnut from the break room. A quick pick-me-up to last until lunch. The body can only handle so much caffeine and sugar before it starts to lose the ability to concentrate on solving problems, focus on tasks, and stabilize moods.

Allen Baler

That is why the average person is tired, barely productive, and cranky by lunch time. More caffeine and sugar is bound to follow throughout the day and evening in attempts to stay alert and keep going. Lumitea LLC is a company that has developed all-natural tea blends that offer people the option to trade in all that sugar and caffeine for antioxidants and vitamins. Switching out even a few cups of coffee and some sugar snacks for some lumitea will help people feel energized, awake, revived, and alert. See the Lumitea website for details and ordering information.

Antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals are what makes the body function at an optimum level, not sugar and caffeine. Lumi Rise, for example, blends energizing elements and vitamins so people can wake up and start the day without coffee The website, sweeteners, milk or cream. Be focused and alert to start the day. Lumi Boost contains goji berries, oolong tea, lemon grass, and ginseng to provide a flavorful and energizing tea. It is perfect for the mid-morning or late afternoon pick-me-up that will actually recharge the body and allow people to be productive, and remain in a positive mood for the rest of the day. Lumi Calm will help the body unwind and rest peacefully all night with its combination of chamomile, orange peel, lavender, and valerian root. There are also blends to revive and re-hydrate the cells and skin for softer skin that looks younger, and one to help enhance the weight loss efforts of a healthy diet and an exercise program. Six blends in total are available in the product lines of Lumitea LLC.